Hi, I’m Michael, I’m an experienced Product Designer with a passion for simple user-friendly design, technology & business. 


"Michael has an incredible, in memory, encyclopedia of UI/UX examples that he draws on to inspire his work. Combine that with his raw talent and he's a superstar in design. He's also a pleasure to work with."

David Howard
Director of Product Management

“Michael is a highly talented designer with a lot of character qualities (namely creativity, dependability, diligence, flexibility, patience and punctuality) that make him an extremely valuable team member...”

Jeremiah J. Jacks
CEO of Digital Brand Group

"Michael's knowledge of UI/UX standards and knack for making things better is what I enjoy most while working together, he truly is a professional. One other great talent of his would be his ability to quickly understand new project requirements and translate them into functional wireframes that pinpoint the technical requirements for each project."

Thomas Stephens
Product Manager